Drug Educators Alliance



Hidden in Plain Sight

Learn about the #1 Killer in the USA and how it is being secretly hidden in plain sight

Vaping Online Presentation

Learn all about the dangers of vaping and simple talking points to use with students. (If you would like to download a PDF of this presentation click here)

Vaping Study

Most Comprehensive Studies on Health Effects of E-Cigarettes / Vaping

Vaping Education

What You Need to Know and How to Talk With Kids About Vaping

Truth About Drugs Online Course

Free 19 Lesson Drug Education course. Perfect for Educators and Students. Certificates created at end of each lesson

Marijuana Not What it Used To Be

Comprehensive Information on Marijuana and Delta-8

Truth About Drugs Free Booklets

Download and order FREE drug education booklets for your students.

Family Intervention Services

Learn about the most effective method of ending drug and alcohol addiction.
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